Two new travelling exhibits at museum

Voices of the Town: Vaudeville in Canada, from the Peterborough Centen­nial Museum and Archives and Stories from Ontario’s Movie Theatres from the Archives of On­tario are two travelling ex­hibits that opened at Guelph Civic Museum on April 18.

In the era before TV and radio, vaudeville was the most popular form of entertainment in North America.

Family ori­ented, it featured fast-paced vari­ety sketches, comedy rout­ines, songs, dance, acrobats, feats and stunts on stages across the country. The exhibit includes DVD clips of vaude­ville routines, many vaude­villian images, and a repro­duction kinestoscope, an early film-viewing cabinet. Okla­homa Jack, a sharp-shooting knife-wielding, trick roping vaudevillian mannequin, com­plete with his trunk, will also be on display.

Eventually the vaudeville acts were replaced with another form of enter­tain­ment – movies.

The special travelling ex­hibit considers the stories of movie theatres across Ontario.

Also included in the exhibit will be photographs and objects from local Guelph movie the­atres such as the Odeon, Capitol, and Palace Theatres. Both exhibits continue at the Guelph Civic Museum until June 22.

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