I confess that my trailway mindset originated when I was a child freely wandering the orchards, fields, and woods of our farm on the Niagara Pen­insula. Those early patterns led me to an independent, healthy, and positive outlook on life. I believe I am witnessing the same cycle persisting in many families as babies, children, and adults from a few months to 100 years of age are out en­joying the outdoors somewhere on the paths between Elora and Cataract.

I suspect that for many like me, the bond will go far deeper than just the desire to keep physically fit. The emotions, heart and spirit are also kept in tune by a turn along a natural corridor. Our most treasured and strongest memories are often triggered by the senses – smells, images or sounds from childhood. It is my hope that enough of these memory gen­erating experiences are happen­ing along the trailway  to make it a valued part of our environ­ment for many generations to come.

This leads me to the promotion of an opportunity for one of these experiences – to be held on Oct. 4 from 10am to 1pm.

Trail Open Ontario (part of Ontario Heritage Trust) is helping to sponsor a Family Walk Event beginning at the Elora end of the Elora-Cataract Trailway.

Participants are to meet at the Elora Public School for 10am. There will be Trail Open Ontario signs posted to help you find the right starting place. Watch for lots of prizes and surprise activities along the way.

Donations to the Food Bank will be welcomed. Bring the whole family, friends, neigh­bours, reusable water bottles and, if desired, a pet on a leash. Be prepared to walk, not bike, the route for this event. More detailed information can be found on the Trailway website at  This is the kick off event for a week of exciting activities organized by In Motion. For more informa­tion about the entire program call 519-843-2800.

Our walk event also forms part of the eleven day Sensa­tional Elora celebrations.

Visit www.sensational­ for further details. Finally, the Wellington Duf­ferin Guelph Health Unit is also one of our sponsors in their efforts to promote healthy and active family outings.

We hope to see a huge group out to enjoy the charms of early October along the trailway.