Township takes steps towards making more active community

Centre Welling­ton councillors are in agree­ment that a program to make people, particularly children, more fit is a good idea.
Consequently, they backed Recreation Director Andy Goldie’s proposal on Monday to apply for a Communities in Action funding grant being pre­pared by the parks and rec­re­ation department for the township’s 2008-09 In Motion program. That program had a huge start last fall when thousands gathered to walk a kilometre in parks in Fergus and Elora, plus at local schools.
In Motion is aimed at mobi­lizing people to become more physically active by building awareness about local oppor­tu­nities; reducing barriers to physical activities; identifying the creative use of leisure faci­lities, parks, and open spaces to support broader participation, stimulating community dialogue and action to enhance physical activity, and inspiring and en­gag­ing local schools in phys­ical activities for children.
Goldie told council the In Motion program will again run in October, and this time it will last an entire week. It will in­clude such things as a walk to school day for students, a Cataract Trail program, after school programs, and, he add­ed, the committee is starting to consider advertising.
“We hope this will get kids more physically active,” Gol­die said.
During question period, he was asked if the pro­gram is de­signed to replace tradi­tional activities now banned during school recess, such as hockey, la­crosse, and baseball. He said the school board faces num­erous pres­sures due to insurance, and does not have the tools for add­ing new activities.
Councillor Kirk McElwain noted that some schools from Alma to Ponsonby take part in a curling program.
Goldie said, too, that a number of Sports organizations use school fields for after-school Sports.
Lacrosse expanded
Councillor Bob Foster an­nounced that Centre Wellington will have a new team in a newly formed lacrosse league.
The Centre Wellington War­lords will play in the Junior C division of the Ontario La­crosse Association. Foster said  after the council meeting that there will be five teams, in­cluding Ajax, Innisfil, Shel­burne, and Caledon in the new league, and he expects by next year the league will expand.
Foster said that last year there were at least 15 players who tried out for the Elora Mohawks Junior B team and did not make the cut.
He said those players all had to go out of town to play, so a new divi­sion will allow them to play at home instead of going to Guelph and Orangeville.  There will be 16 games in the schedule, with two home and home series with each team.
Gerald Benham and Scott Maitland will be the key or­ganizers, and Foster said the local team will likely play most of its eight home games in Fer­gus, so as to not cut into the Mohawks crowd and floor time. Season tickets will also be available, he said.
Foster added that the purpose of the new league is to develop players who can later go on to Junior B lacrosse. As well, players now have a place to play after junior. The Wellington Aces are the local Senior B lacrosse team.
Hockey ice time extended
Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj was pleased to announce that the ice time for the Elora Rocks will have to be extended again this year. Defending champion Elora has now reached the finals of the Western Ontario Athletic Association Senior A hockey league for the fourth year in a row, and is the defending champion. The series against Tavis­tock, the runner-up last season, could go into April. Ross-Zuj said the sport­ing ac­tivity in the community is “all good News.”