Township supports 4-H by waiving hall fees

Council here has supported the Mapleton 4-H Lifeskills club by waiving the fee for the Moorefield hall.

Leader Lynne Flewwelling wrote council to ask that the club be allowed to hold its achievement program and pot luck supper at the Moorefield hall without charge.

She said the club was looking for a date for the event around Nov. 30.

“For the past number of years, our membership has been small enough to fit in the Optimist Hall, but this year now our membership has increased to over 20 members,” she wrote. “So, with parents and siblings, we are looking at 60-plus attending.”

She explained the club is a non-profit organization and clubs are run without any fundraising, so it does not have any funds for renting halls.

Flewwelling also noted that in the past council has waived fees for other groups and she hoped it would be willing to do the same for her club.

She added that 4-H appears to be growing.

“I know 4-H is not one of the prominent youth groups in the township these days, but looking at the growth this past year, there is potential rebirth of the organization in the area as it nears its 100th anniversary (2013) in Canada. All we need are more leaders.”

Councillor Andy Knetsch moved that the hall be provided for free under the “usual terms and conditions.” That was seconded by councillor Mike Downey and carried unanimously.