Township sets ice pads as top repair priority – if grants are available

Centre Well­ington council has named its top priorities if it can obtain a recreation grant.

Recreation Director Andy Goldie told council his staff has been doing a facilities audit, and if the Recreation Infrastructure in Canada (RinC) grant is provided, the township is ready to go to work.

Centre Wellington now lists the floors, boards, and glass at Pad A of the Fergus arena and the ice pad in Elora as its top repair priorities.

Goldie said staff identified those as top priority through the life cycle pro­cess that requires municipalities to be aware of how long its properties are likely to last.

His staff is willing to apply for the RinC grant “as soon as we get more criteria.”

He said there is $80,000 in the budget for the two arena projects, and that arena floors typically last about 35 years. The current floors have served 33 years.

Goldie said both ice making plants are “fairly original.”

He added, “There are far more efficient ways to produce ice.

Councillor Fred Morris asked if the $80,000 is to be recouped from the grant, or is Goldie hoping it will be recouped.

Goldie said the staff is merely getting the projects ready.

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj added that township officials have heard “these [grant programs] are going to be coming fairly quickly – so we’ve got to be ready.”

Councillor Kirk McElwain wondered what would happen if “something else pops up.” He wanted assurance the township is not committed to spending the money.

Goldie said he is correct in that, and added again staff has yet to learn all the grant rules.