Township gives $5,000 advance for Fergus First Night event

The committee overseeing the Fergus 175th anniversary festivities received formal committee status on Monday night, as well as an ad­vance $5,000 for a New Year’s Eve party.
Chief Administrative Offi­cer Michael Wood said the main purpose of making the committee an official part of council is to ensure municipal insurance coverage.
Wood said the committee is planning three major events, and the first one is coming up quickly. He added that it might be holding a few lesser events throughout 2008.
Council has budgeted a total of $10,000 for the festivities, and Wood said the difficulty is the committee needs some of it now, and not next year. He said there are expenses involved in paying in advance for sound equipment for the New Year’s Eve party.
Councillor Bob Foster won­dered if the $5,000 is the total funding required for the year end party, or for additional events.
Committee member Deb Dalziel said the money would be used as an operating grant, and not all the $5,000 would be used for the Dec. 31 party. She said the committee is doing a play by Centre Wellington Dis­trict High School students that will be coming up in a few weeks.
And, she said, “There’s a number of bills that must be paid up front. Five thousand dol­lars is not a true figure for Fergus’ First Night. It’s seed money. We’re just getting out of the blocks early.”
Wood pointed out that Economic Development Man­ager Dave Rushton and Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj are on the committee and it is a legitimate committee of council.
Council agreed unani­mous­ly to the insurance coverage and to the early grant.