Town won”™t regulate horse manure

A local resident would like to see manure bags required for all horses on public roads here, but council isn’t inclined to put its foot down on the subject.

Jane Gibson, who lives on Minto’s 16th Line, in a letter to council at the May 16 meeting, stated, “I strongly object to horse manure soiling our highways and byways.”

Although noting, “I like horses very much,” Gibson said, “Surely our roads ought not to serve also as barnyards.

“I feel walkers, bikers, motorcyclists and vehicles should not have to deviate from their course to avoid contact with it … As the horse population of the area is growing, I believe the time has come to make the use of manure bags mandatory for horses using the roads.”

However Mayor George Bridge felt the town would have trouble with enforcement. “If you say you’re going to have a bylaw to put bags on horses, who’s going to enforce it?” Bridge asked.

“My concern is I’ve never seen one out there, maybe in New York City.”

Councillor Mary Lou Colwell suggested the town could improve the situation through public awareness.

“We could maybe ask people to think about it,” she said.

Bridge pointed out is pleased to see horse riders have kept clean the area near a shed provided by the town in a public parking area behind Harry Stones Pizza Burger and Ale House on Elora Street. He suggested horse users are generally responsible.

Councillor Jean Anderson pointed out “tractors spread as much – are you going to put bags on all the wheels – going down anybody’s sideroad when they’re spreading … we live in rural Ontario.”