Town passes new anti-idling bylaw

Residents may want to think twice about leaving their cars running for an extended period in Erin.

At its last meeting in March, Erin council passed a new anti-idling bylaw that will see those in violation possibly receiving a fine of $125, though that figure is not yet finalized.

The bylaw prohibits idling any longer than three minutes. And just in case anyone tries to take advantage of a loophole, the bylaw also prohibits “repetitive idling cycles while the vehicle remains stationary.”

Emergency, construction, transit, farming, and armoured vehicles are exempt, as are those in parades and other events authorized by council. The bylaw is also not in effect if there is an occupant in the vehicle and the outside temperature is above 30 degrees celsius or below zero.

Mayor Rod Finnie said the town will take a “two pronged” approach to the bylaw – focusing on education as well as enforcement by town staff and the county OPP.

“I’m thrilled to see it,” added councillor Barb Tocher. She said the town needs to come up with short form wording that can be used on signs. Clerk Kathryn Ironmonger said charges can be laid the day the bylaw is in effect – March 17 – and the courts can decide the outcome until signs are erected.

At county council recently, Minto Mayor David Anderson was interested in such a bylaw.