Town of Minto donation policy is put in place … for now

Councillors here have a new donations policy in place – again.

The latest version was presented to council and approved on Nov. 19.

It is something councillors have been mulling over for some time, and more recently, a committee was created to put the issue to rest. The new policy sets out a process that must be followed by citizens, service clubs, “not -for-profit organizations,” charitable groups and Sports groups.

Under that policy, the town would consider direct financial donations only when a request is presented to the treasurer by March 1 of the current year, and then presented to council for consideration. Requests after that date would require special council approval.

Further, any donation re­quested and received in writing after the budget has passed and is for $100 or more must be considered by the finance and per­sonnel committee.

Any donation requested or received in writing after the budget has passed and is for $100 or less is decided by the senior management team, and depending on the nature of the request, may also include the Director of Recreation.

A list of all donation re­quests will be presented to council prior to donations receiving council’s approval. Some of the criteria include that the applicant must provide services or products that benefit the town and its residents.

In addition to the timeframe, the application form must be completed in full.

The applicant must operate as a not-for-profit organization and have a formal organizational structure. In addition, the applicant must be prepared to report to council if requested, on the activities and the use of the grant.

Organizations exempt from the process include all agricultural and horticultural societies in in the town.

Exempted organizations must attend council annually to present a report on their activities in order to receive the dona­tion. Further, council will review the list of exempt orga­nizations each year. Any additions or deletions will be sent in writing to affected organizations.

When asked for comments, finance chairman Judy Dirksen pointed out the policy remains fluid. “As in the past, this is a living document. You have to try it and see how it works. But we think we’ve made some improvements.”

With no further questions from councillors, the resolution was carried.