Town of Minto celebrates 10th anniversary with events on Feb.15

Ten years of togetherness here is a reason to party.
On Feb. 15, the community is gathering at events throughout the town to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Most of those events are free.
In 1999, the town was created as a result of the amalgamation of the Township of Minto, the towns of Harriston and Palmerston and the village of Clifford.
Now, the community works together, with the slogan “Town of Minto – Where your family belongs.”
The party includes some an­nual events such as the Skating Club Carnival at the Palmer­ston arena at 2pm. There is ad­mission for that event.
In Clifford at 2pm, there will be family badminton and snow volleyball at the arena.
At 2:30pm the public skating session will feature Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson.
Harriston will host family indoor games at the arena starting at 2pm, with outdoor events starting at 4pm. Those include a chance to test teamwork skills in a plank walk; adults can take part in a log sawing competition and log toss.
Residents will also be able to test coordination in the nail driving competition and plung­er toss.
At 4pm, there will be chili and hot dogs. Meat and vegetarian chili will be served.  Participants are  encouraged to bring their own mugs for hot chocolate. Bowls and spoons will be provided for chili.
There will be a bonfire at 5:30pm, complete with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Everyone is welcome.
The walking trails in Pal­merston, Harriston and Clif­ford will be open for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.   Maps of the trails are available online at­
Organizers are still looking for some well-dressed snow families to decorate the town. Participants have a chance to win tickets to the Norgan Theatre.
To enter, participants are asked to build one snowman for each of their family and take a picture of them.
Organizers ask that participants write their names and phone number on the back of the picture and bring it to Harriston Senior School, Minto Clifford Public School, Pal­merston Public School or the town office before Feb. 10.  Winners will be contacted on Feb. 17.