Town of Minto approves nearly $1-million in tenders

It’s good News for some Minto residents.

Following a special council meeting on June 25, coun­cillors approved two reso­lutions regarding William Street in Palmerston.

Council awarded the William Street infrastructure renewal contract to Reeves Construction Limit­ed for $399,593, including applicable taxes.

The tender price includes provisional items, and a lump sum contingency allowance of $25,000.

Deputy-clerk Thersa Camp­bell noted the special meeting was held due to the time sensitive nature of the tender contracts.

Only two bids were received, and Reeves was the lowest.

While a mathematical error was found in Moorefreld Exca­vating Limited’s tender, it did not change the ranking of the bids.

The report to council by Zoltan Tako noted that Gamsby and Mannerow Limited engi­neers were familiar with Reeves Construction Limited, having completed projects together in the past and they felt Reeves is capable of performing the work to the satisfaction of the town.

As a reminder, the engineers will provide layout, inspection, material and compaction testing (through Naylor Engineering Associates Ltd. as a sub-consultant) and contract administration during construction on the town’s behalf.

Approval of the tender, how­ever, remains subject to Minto receiving infrastructure funds.

Gravity sewer work

Council then awarded the William Street forcemain and  gravity sewer project (Harris­ton sewage works) tender to Moorefield Excavating Ltd., in the amount of $463,533, including applicable taxes.

Moorefield Excavating was more successful on that second project as it came in as low tender of six bids.

Since the lowest tender is acceptable contractually, and the tenderer is experienced in that type of work, further analysis was limited to the lowest bid.

The project still requires approval from the MOE, but the expectation is for work to begin in early August.