Town, business community partnership

The Town of Erin, the Erin Business Improvement Association (BIA) and the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce (EWCC) announced on Jan. 8 they have formed a collaborative relationship “to strengthen the role of economic development and to establish an open dialogue within the Town of Erin.”

“This relationship will set the foundation for presenting a coordinated effort as we move forward with business attraction and retention efforts in the Town of Erin,” said Erin’s economic development officer Bob Cheetham.

“We have met and agreed that together we can accomplish so much more than anyone of us individually.”

This follows the completion of a Business Attraction and Retention (BRE) survey introduced by Wellington County and funding assistance provided by the province of Ontario in support of county economic development activity.

David Netherton, president of the EWCC, said, “I am very pleased that we have joined forces to hopefully re-ignite interest in the Town of Erin and strengthen the long-term sustainability of our membership.”

The East Wellington Chamber of Commerce represents 80 members.

Erin BIA president Chris Bailey said, “Our membership welcomes the opportunity to play an active role in the Town of Erin’s economic development process and towards working closely with the town’s new economic development coordinator.”

The Erin BIA represents 30 businesses in the downtown core of the Village of Erin.

The Town of Erin has moved quickly to call for expressions of interest from constituents interested in sitting as members of the re-established Erin Economic Development Committee (EEDC).

The EEDC is expected to begin meeting by early February 2015.

Mayor Allan Alls said he’s pleased with how the EWCC and the BIA have been collaborating with the town.

“We have a great deal of work to do over the coming year and council has expressed a serious interest in developing a four-year action plan for the community,” said Alls.

“Our economic development coordinator and re-established EEDC will be establishing a number of priorities for council’s consideration and action.”

The four-year action plan is expected to be completed by July and will follow a community consultation process planned for March and April.

“The Town of Erin offers so many positive assets for anyone searching for a place to live, work, play and do business,” said Cheetham.

“Economic development is a community, bottom-up driven process and I look forward to working with the residents of the Town, the EWCC and the Erin BIA and other stakeholders as we undertake our planning process.”

For more information, contact the Erin economic development department at 519-855-4407 extension 241.