Total council pay up by $5,400

The cost of paying elected officials in the township rose about $5,400 in 2014, compared to the previous year.

A report presented at the Jan. 27 Mapleton council meeting included a remuneration summary for all council members last year.

The total cost to local taxpayers came in at $85,406, up 6.7% over $80,032 in 2013.

As in most municipalities, the mayor’s costs were the highest among council members. Mayor Bruce Whale received total remuneration of $16,845, including a salary of $16,021. In 2013, the mayor’s salary and expenses totaled $19,801. However, in 2014, Whale’s term of office ended in November, as he did not seek reelection in October and was replaced by former councillor Neil Driscoll.

Whale also had 2014 meeting per diems of $680, mileage and parking fees of $49, and meal expenses of $95.

The expenses of the other members of the outgoing council are listed below in the following order: salary, meeting per diem fees, convention and seminar per diems, registration, hotel costs, mileage and parking, and meal costs:

– Jim Curry, $12,461, $460, $290, $550, $376, $141, $95, for a total of $14,372;

– Mike Downey, $12,461, $50, $240, $550, $456, $333, $114, for a total of $14,204;

– Neil Driscoll, $13,744, $1,590, $360, $550, $703, $0, $114, for a total of $17,060; and

– Andy Knetsch, $12,461, $1,280, $480, $550, $703, $58, $114, for a total of $15,646.

The four incoming members of council, Dennis Craven, Michael Martin, Marlene Ottens and Lori Woodham all received identical remuneration of $1,819. The total includes salary of $997, per diems of $480, registration fees of $225 and hotel expenses of $116.

Committee remuneration

Mapleton also has five committees whose members receive remuneration and expenses. The total cost for all five committees in 2014 was $5,710, compared to $8,230 in 2013 and $11,526 in 2012.

Cemetery committee member Jean Campbell received $200 for attending meetings and Lorrie Spaling and Kathryn Fowler were paid $150 each.

Meeting pay for committee of adjustment and property standards members was: Kathleen Ayres, $70; Floyd Schieck, $280; Carl Israel, $280 and Peg Schieck, $280.

Maryborough housing board members received the following amounts for attending meetings: Vaughn Doig, $450; Sandy Vallance, $450; Lois Donaldson, $350 and Virginia Franklin, $450.

The parks and recreation committee had six members who received the following remuneration in 2013: Dave Geddes, $150; Peg Schieck, $150; Carla Schott, $200; Lorrie Spaling, $150; Dennis Craven, $150 and Kelly Culp, $100.

Economic development committee members received the following: Corinne Slot-Claus, $250; Sharon Grose, $300; Donna Hirtle, $450, Jennifer Porter, $300 and Elizabeth Samis, $400.