Tobacco power walls come tumbling down in Ontario on May 31

The power wall is a term used to describe retail store displays of tobacco products.
“These display walls are designed to tempt people to buy tobacco,” said Alana By­ron, peer leader with Welling­ton-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health’s Detox. “The tobacco companies make their harmful products seem normal by dis­playing them near chocolate and candy.”
Detox is a group of Guelph teens teens working to lobby against large tobacco com­panies and counter their adver­tising, which, they say, is aimed a youth.
The SWAT group is its Welling­ton County counterpart.
As of May 31, World No Tobacco Day, more than 10,000 stores in Ontario will see those walls come tumbling down.
Ontario retailers will be required to remove power walls and hide tobacco products from view before purchase.  Local busi­nesses have known about the ban since 2006, and Well­ington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is working with vendors to ensure effective implemen­tation. To bring awareness to the pending display ban, Detox and SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco), are teaming up with the Guelph Storm to show Youth Have the Power.
“This will be a fantastic op­portunity to show fans that we have the power, not the tobacco industry,” said Alyssa Heath­field of SWAT. “As youth, we have the power to be free of the influence of tobacco-industry marketing.
“Their tactics have led far too many people to ill­ness, disease, and death,” she said.