Tips for photographing nature provided to horticultural society

President Vic Palmer welcomed members and guests to the Clifford and District Horticultural Society meeting on March 28 at the community hall in Clifford.

Guest speaker Dr. John Reaume of the Mount Forest area is an avid photographer enthusiastically capturing the best photos possible of birds, dragonflies, reptiles, wild flowers, and more recently, the night skies. Crouching in the underbrush to photograph the flower in the best light in the best possible angle is not easy, especially when considering the possibility of encountering spiders, wasps, rattlesnakes, polar bears, winged critters, and damp grass.

Early in the dewy hours of a wind free morning is considered being in the right place in the right light for the best photo. Reaume suggests altering camera settings and the tripod position to create different perspectives of the same flower. He recommends photographer’s discipline themselves to delete unwanted photos saving only the best two or three.

He also suggests looking for spring plants that flourish in photogenic hidden locations along densely vegetated trails.

Consider documenting the life cycle of a plant, Reamue suggested, as well as trying action shots of pollinators, honey bees, bumble bees, and even mosquitoes.

Reaume’s latest quest is to document the carnivorous plants of Ontario – the sundew, horned bladderwort, butterwort, and pitcher plant. Orchids need to be enjoyed where they grow as moving them may not be healthy to the plant.

Don’t hesitate to take a photo, says Reaume. Be sure to stop and snap and not wait for tomorrow.

The group was urged to check out Reaume’s website to see hundreds of photos collected over his 30 year photography journey.

The society Newsletter was filled with projects that need commitments: the Earth Day clean up of the village on April 15; District 7 annual general meeting in Fergus on April 22; Trees & Quackers at the Rotary Park on April 29; plant and bake May 12; spring planting with Ann Bowen; spring flower show May 23; Homecoming beautification contest in July; Homecoming parade float August 5; Beauty and the Beets community planter garden. April 26 is the Town of Minto volunteer appreciation evening.

Trish Palmer handed out membership kits to willing volunteers who will be approaching your homes to offer membership to the society for the cost of $5. The booklet features the meetings, board members, and flower show lists.

Town of Minto liaison Paul Judge met with the board to consider the plant and colour choices for the flower beds, flower boxes, and hanging baskets throughout Minto. A list of plant material is available through the society. Consider decorating your home or business in homecoming colours and entering the contest. Prizes will be awarded.

   Prizes were won by Lena Kamasinska, Marion Wylie, Christina Herman, Janet Huth, Helen Braun, Blanche Freeman, Margaret Reidt, Esther Hallman, and Georgie Hutchison.

A light lunch was prepared by Margaret Reidt, Elisabeth Kuersten, and Isabel Senek at the end of the meeting.