Time for the ‘wrapper’ to come off when it comes to new dressing room

Some user groups believe it is time for the “wrapper” to come off the recently constructed dressing rooms at the Arthur arena.

Recent Wellington North recreation committee minutes noted that Stu Hutchinson, of Arthur Minor Hockey, has concerns with the use of the new dressing rooms.

Minutes of the meeting stated that Hutchinson said it was time the wrapper came off as the arena dressing rooms cannot be kept perfect.

They do not want to hear complaints if there is a small mark on the floor or a footprint on the toilet.

He said coaches do tell the teams to keep the room clean.

He also reported on the struggle Arthur Minor Hockey is having. Its numbers used to be 220 and now it is down to 160 participants. He said it could be the price to register or the number of the Mennonite population.

It costs about $500 for a child to register for the peewee rep team. Fundraising is dwindling and, like so many organizations, the same people are volunteering all the time.

Wendy Smith, of the Arthur Skating Club, also reported that it, too, had an issue with the new dressing rooms – there seems to be a constant battle to use them.

Smith contended the club had to cancel a lot of classes on Saturdays because hockey want­ed to use the ice.

The club would like to work with hockey to see if they can share Saturdays so they do not have to cancel programs.  She, too, reported that numbers are declining because people cannot afford the registration.

She indicated that two or three years ago the club had 125 skaters and this year there are 70 or 75.