Three more COVID-19 cases confirmed in Dufferin County

Assessment centres in Guelph, Orangeville have assessed over 1,700 people, tested close to 600

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Three more people in Dufferin County have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total in the region to seven.

The new cases were added to Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health’s (WDGPH) assessment centre and case data webpage  on March 27.

The local list does not include cases at Guelph General Hospital (GGH), where health officials declared an outbreak in ward 4E after four health care workers tested positive for the virus. More positive cases are expected at the hospital.

The assessment centre and case data webpage includes the following list of confirmed positive cases in the WDGPH area, listed chronologically:

  • Dufferin County: a man in his 40s, transmission via travel, isolated at home;
  • Wellington County: man in his 60s, community transmission, isolated in hospital;
  • Dufferin: a man in his 70s, transmission via travel, isolated at home;
  • Guelph: man in his 80s, community transmission, isolated at hospital;
  • Dufferin: man in his 50s, transmission via travel, isolated at home;
  • Dufferin: man in his 90s, community transmission, isolated at home;
  • Dufferin: woman in her 50s, community transmission, isolated at home.

As of March 26, 608 people have been assessed at the assessment centre in Guelph and 223 tested. In Orangeville, the numbers are 1,175 and 357 respectively.

There are currently no assessment centres in Wellington County.

WDGPH officials note the assessment centre and case data webpage will be updated as more information becomes available.

“The number of confirmed cases is only part of the picture,” officials warn.

“You should assume you can get COVID-19 in the community. Ensure frequent hand washing and social distancing.”

For up-to-date health information regarding COVID-19, visit the public health website.

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