There you have it

We are now three publication issues in to the debate whether or not politicians should have engaged in religious readings.

For ourselves, the practise was quite acceptable, if not admirable, but we recognize the pickle that could develop if those same politicians were to turn down another group that conflicted with their own personal beliefs. Certainly reading from a Satanic text would be of great concern to those three participants, as it would be to the majority of people in this county.

The fruit now being picked from the tree of political correctness was sewn long ago and what a bitter fruit it is. It seems to us that outrage rules the day, where people are often easily offended, choosing to argue points of opinion rather than develop common points of agreement.

One letter writer shared concerns with us that the original letter condemning those politicians should not have been published since it was, in his opinion, obviously hateful toward Christians. It remains The Wellington Advertiser practise to share contrary views, first to allow the free flow of opinion; second, to ensure a snapshot of today’s societal makeup for the future; and third, to allow conversations to take place that will enable understanding.

It seems to us people are too sheltered from new ideas for their own good, disallowing the opportunity of gaining perspective on what is taking place. If one’s spare time is spent with like-minded people, the chance to learn about new ideas and heighten awareness is limited immensely.

 We dare to suggest that social networking on the internet has contributed to that malaise of thought. The comfort of siding with those in agreement versus those with different ideas is the easy way out, and has much to do with why there is little give and take for ideas these days.

That’s why we are quite thankful that readers here took time to engage the issue, this time.

Regrettably, those issues that defy common sense have been in the works for a long time. What seems right or reasonable to a majority of people now conflicts with the easily offended and argumentative. It could be argued that vigilance and citizenship took a back seat to going along to get along – a long time ago.  As the times and customs change, it can easily leave people scratching their heads, as to what is the new normal.

It seems to have become easier to avoid discomfort by turning a blind eye to injustices by failing to offer different viewpoints.

Luckily, there are still those that care enough to try.