The greatest hope

This weekend and next Tuesday, November 11, heads will bow in silence as a lone trumpet pierces the air and the flag is lowered in honour of veterans.

The number of veterans continues to dwindle. Those who returned home and raised families in this area, are now dying of a well deserved old age. Their sacrifice of fun-filled teenage and young adult years for the sake of peace should never be lost on a single Canadian. But, in many corners, it is.

The reality of war is too far removed from the public. The memories of war are part of albums and documentaries. Despite its best efforts, Hollywood has not been able to thoroughly capture the horror and stench of battlegrounds at the time.

For those men and women who served Canada and sacrificed their youth, their lasting gift for generations is that we have the choice to vote. For many of us it is an obligation. As witnessed above, and here in our own elections not too long ago, voting sets the direction our democracies travel.

Veterans deserve our respect. We encourage readers to take time to remember at local services detailed in our publication this week.

Their sacrifice long ago gives us the option of living a life of hope, rather than living a life in fear.