Teenage memories

Long ago, teenage memories came flying back into my mind the moment I read an email that popped up on the screen of my computer.

It was from one of my readers whose stomping grounds, way back then, apparently fringed on mine. It read, word for word, like this:

“Hi Barrie: Many years ago, 60 or more when I was a young fellow, we went to barn dances in Elora. The barn was south of Elora on the road to Guelph, the east side of the road. The barn is still there, sort of in the town. Do you know the name of the people who owned the barn back then? I have been trying to remember but cannot get it. Thanks.”

I certainly do remember the barn dances held there. I did not go to dance there, but I did call around as often as possible just to sit in the parking lot astride the Harley-Davidson motorcycle that I was fortunate enough to be riding at the time.

For three years I called around there just to show off the bike, which I owned, but seldom did I go to dance. The reason being was my attention focus dwelt, off and on, at that time, on the Little Lady. During that entire time, she refused to throw her leg over the saddle seat that extended behind me. She eventually won out and my bike, the pride of my life, was traded in for a second-hand, bright fire-red, black-topped 1949 Mercury convertible.

I also remember the barn because the guy owning acreage in front of it grew strawberries and sold them fresh-picked at the roadside. My parents, who stood 37 years hand-running at the Guelph Market, on occasion, bought several crates to fill back orders from him.

His name, if my memory fails me not, was Charlie Hill, the well driller, and he may have or not have owned the barn.

Now, I am quite certain that some of you oldies sitting on your backsides reading this article will remember the good times you have had at the barn dances there, as well as the Old Mill on Speedvale Avenue in Guelph.

If this be so, why don’t you wrack your brain and see if you could tell me who, who, who owned the barn at Elora?

I also know that most of you readers are aware that, in a younger day, I sold real estate for 15 years or more and are probably wondering why I don’t go to the registry office and have it checked out. Well, let me tell you here and now that most people, tottering on the upper or lower side of 80, don’t usually have the oomph or the get up and go. Call it laziness, lack of energy or simply old timer’s disease;  call it what you wish, but I think it is much more fun just to sit back in a comfortable chair and stir up a few far-back memories.

Let me know if you can remember who owned the barn, but if you can’t, don’t worry about it.

Take care, ’cause we care.




Barrie Hopkins