Taking care of your septic system helps take care of our environment

Water is a precious resource. It’s something most of us take for granted. We assume that what we pour down the drain or flush down a toilet will be dealt with somewhere far off in a water treatment facility. But if you live with a septic system on your property, your septic system and leaching bed is that water treatment facility. The environment you’re impacting is your own, and ultimately the aquifer that surrounds you.

It’s a big picture issue, even if we think our rural home or cottage property is a small piece of the puzzle. While our nation boasts twenty per cent of the world’s total freshwater resources, according to the Government of Canada, we represent an estimated 7% of the world’s “renewable” fresh water. That number is staggering when you consider we are a nation of approximately 30 million people and the average citizen uses 20 to 40 litres a day for basic hygiene, sanitation and hydration. We may believe our water is abundant, but our remaining water supply is excessively used. Ultimately, the future of our renewable fresh water is our responsibility.

It’s a reality the team at Pioneer Septic Solutions takes seriously. Whether you are maintaining an existing septic system or installing a brand new one, they are focused on upholding industry and government standards for environmental stewardship. Pioneer’s reputation for professional service is built on their expertise and accountability.

A key part of that service is customer education. Understanding how septic systems work is key to ensuring a healthy septic system. Essentially, everything you put down your tank is either going to have a positive impact or a negative one. It’s as simple as remembering this: what goes into the body can go into the septic system. If you can’t digest it, you probably shouldn’t put it down the drain. Being conscious of your cleaning and home care products, as well as toiletries, is important. Harsh chemicals and cleaning agents cannot go back into the aquifer.

Since 2008, effluent filters are now mandatory in septic systems, as part of the Ontario Building Code. The filter prevents solids or suspended particles from entering the septic bed and eventually, the environment. One of the best safeguards for a healthy septic system is the maintenance of the effluent filter. And it’s easy to do yourself. Homeowners can access the effluent filter through the tank’s outlet lid, remove the filter, and hose it down to clear waste and debris. A quick, thorough cleaning every 6 months will ensure your efficiency and help prevent clogs or sewage backups. In fact, using your garden hose to clean the filter can help you remember to do it. Each spring, when you bring the hose out of storage for use, make the filter the first thing you clean. Come autumn, when it’s time to stow the hose in storage, make sure to clean your effluent filter first.

Pioneer Septic Systems also offer cleaning treatments, including a Canadian product called EcoEthic. This bacteriological formula is like a health tonic for the septic system. It reduces solids, cleans pipe lines and drains, and eliminates odours.

Another environmentally-friendly septic system option is a Tertiary Treatment system. Pioneer Septic Solutions is certified to install these units, used specifically in smaller operations, or as an eco-friendly option for those wanting to do a little extra for their environment. This type of system treats the raw effluent before it transfers to the septic bed, reducing its strength or toxicity to about one tenth. This allows for a smaller septic bed, often reducing the required size by two thirds or more when compared to a conventional system.

A Tertiary system complies with the Effluent Quality Criteria as regulated by the Ontario Building Code. Maintenance of these systems is now being enforced by local municipalities, and the trained team at Pioneer Septic Solutions will ensure the system meets these regulations.

Another mandatory requirement is that of septic lids. Septic tanks are buried, often several feet down. Particularly on older systems, the location of the tank isn’t necessarily obvious. This has proved problematic in some scenarios, and when an emergency arises with your septic system, you want to be sure you have fast, easy access to it.

Pioneer Septic Solutions have the solution to this potential problem. Polylok Risers/Lids are an elevated lid system for the septic tank. The risers are available in 2”, 6” and 12” heights, and 20” or 24” diameters. They are stackable, they screw together, hold their shape, and are water and air tight. The corresponding lids lock into position to allow for easy installation. The lids can sit at ground or above grade level. They’re made of a highly durable and long-lasting plastic. Inexpensive to install, these offer a simple solution to locating your tank and fast access for maintenance, repairs or pumping. Plus, they blend well into the terrain for aesthetics.

Out of sight is no longer out of mind when it comes to your septic system, but that’s a good thing. Working toward a better environment doesn’t have to be a dirty business. With water conservation and preservation at the forefront of this industry, Pioneer Septic Solutions know the best options and proper maintenance for one of the most important utilities for your home. They are committed to doing their part to ensure a better future for us all.

Owners Kevin and Lisa Dolderman are proud members of the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association, a provincial not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the value of onsite and decentralized wastewater management through education, improved practices, and advocacy for policies across the province. Recently, they welcomed Matthew Malloy to their management team, bringing with him a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge earned over years on the Pioneer crew.

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