Suzuki String School gets $55,000 grant

The Suzuki String School here will en­hance its infrastructure, thanks to a $55,000 grant from the Onta­rio Trillium Foundation (OTF).

Guelph MPP Liz Sandals congratulated the School at their Snowflake concert at the River Run Centre.

"The Suzuki String School has an admirable record of introducing Guelph’s students to the joy of music," said San­dals. "I am delighted that the Ontario Trillium Foundation is supporting Suzuki to enhance music education in our community."

Artistic director Paule Bar­sa­lou, said,  “When I took over as artistic director four years ago, I inherited the legacy of a wonderful vibrant organization, which had been serving the Guelph community on a shoe-string budget for many years … All of us want to continue that work and expand on it and this is what we hope this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant will allow us to do.”

Established in 1972, the Suz­uki String School of Guelph offers programs for the instruction of children in music and the art of string instruments according to the method and philosophy of Dr. Shin’chi Suzuki. The school strives to nurture the musical develop­ment of students of all levels and abilities, and to reach out to the wider community through musical performances. That in­cludes a group of volunteer students and a teacher who regularly perform at the Home­wood Health Centre.

The organization delivers weekly group classes, private lessons, music theory and read­ing classes. Students’ musi­cal experience is further enriched in chamber assemblies, junior and community youth string orchestras, workshops and regular recital opportunities. Two major performances are held each year at the River Run Centre in Guelph.

Additionally, the organiza­tion hosts workshops each year offering music enrichment and master classes for teachers from across Canada and the US. This year, the senior stud­ents of the school will also be involved in a SEVEC exchange with another Suzuki program in Edmonton.