Sustainable farmer pitch made to Minto

Pat Brown, of the National Farmer’s Union, had a bit of local help as he made the pitch to Minto councillors seek­ing support of the Sus­tain­able Farmer of the Year award for Wellington-Waterloo.


With Brown was Minto resident Caitlin Hall, who is the NFU’s youth coordinator for Ontario.

Brown invited members of council to the annual meeting on March 26 at the Elora Legion where members will present the first annual sustainable farmer of the year award.

Brown listed the various criteria which included both environmental and community considerations.

“We have many such people in our area,” Brown said.

He said the NFU?has spent considerable effort getting youth involved, pointing to the involvement of Erin high school students who designed this year’s awards.

He asked that council consider supporting 10 tickets to support the next generation of farmers by allowing them to attend the event.

Mayor David Anderson asked the membership numbers.

Hall said about 90 families in the area are registered.

Brown pointed out that farmers nominated for the award are not necessarily members of the NFU.

Mayor Anderson said he had planned to attend the event and the request would be brought up during council.