Sussman’s raises $1,760 for breakfast programs

The first annual Sussman for Her/Casually Yours fundraiser fashion show was a runaway success.

There were 159 attendees who showed  their support, and the event raised $1,760 for the breakfast programs at St John Roman Catholic School and Arthur Public School.

The fashions were a hit, especially designs from Frank Lyman, Bianca Nygard Petites, Lucien Daunois and Ingenuity Plus. From Casually Yours they loved  Mexx, Tribal and French Dressing and of course Point Zero for the kids. Door prizes, included products from Gantz and vouchers from Koret, Sussman Separates and Simon Chang – for a complete list visit www.­

Shep­herd’s Watch donated a gift basket that raised $105 for the schools. Special thanks to the Arthur Presbyterian Church which donated chairs. The church is always in need of gently used clothing for Nica­ragua. Thanks to Little Joe’s for a great deal on the pizza for our hungry volunteers. Thanks to the Wellington Advertiser for helping to put together the advertising. Organizers also thanked to the staff, volunteers and models.