Suspicious vehicle

ERIN – The county OPP responded to a report of a suspicious auto on Daniel Street here on Oct. 20, at about 10:15am.

Cloes reported police received information from the Erin Public School about a suspicious pick-up seen that morning at about 8:20am. It had been driven slowly down Erindale Drive to Daniel Street. Witnesses told officers the pick-up appeared to be driving slowly behind a 7-year-old boy walking to school. There was no conversation between the youth and anyone in the truck.

The description of the vehicle is a black pick-up with tinted windows, with a shield emblem on the truck with a Canadian Flag. No licence plate numbers were obtained.

 Cloes said the OPP reminds parents to speak to children walking to school to re-enforce some safety rules. The should:

– stay in a group when heading to school;

– if a stranger offers a ride, say “No”;

– if a stranger follows them on foot, get away as quick as they can, and if a stranger follows them in a car, turn around and go another direction;

– never leave school with a stranger;

– tell a trusted adult or school official if seeing a stranger hanging around the school or playground.

– don’t carry items, backpacks or clothing that display a name;

– if a stranger asks a question, don’t answer; run away;  and

– if you see anything suspicious, report it to school officials or to your local police.

 Cloes concluded, “Keeping kids safe is everyone’s responsibility.”