Students thank council/Optimists for use of outdoor skating rink

In a lighter aspect of their May 4 meeting, Puslinch councillors reviewed handwritten thank-you notes from Aberfoyle Public School students regarding the use of the outdoor skating rink.

Mayor Dennis Lever referred to the letters as a more upbeat discussion.

“Certainly there are some interesting comments in there,” the mayor added.

One of the comments from students to council was “you guys rock,” Lever said.

At the same time, other students had different reasons to appreciate the chance to go skating. Some enjoyed the opportunity to learn to skate, others enjoyed the chance to have fun with friends, while others appreciated being able to miss math and an hour of school. Councillor Susan Fielding said she had quite a chuckle reading through all the letters. “It’s one of the nice things you get to do as a councillor,” she said.