Students take walk of silence on behalf of the unheard in community

Students at St. John Catholic School took a brief vow of silence last week to  stand up for those whose voices are not heard—the children around the world who are denied their human rights or those here at home who are bullied.

Teacher Jill Gormley explained that on April 16, presentations were made by the school’s social justice club to educate other students on aboriginal issues in Canada.

Examples included the shortage of clean water on aboriginal reserves, in the very far north a high case of rickets because of a lack of milk and calcium-rich foods.

“They learned a bit of the history of why it is important to stand up for them

The presentations also spoke to the aboriginal population seeking reconciliation with the government and ways to improve things.

The intent was that on April 17, that message would follow into the classrooms and students would pick a time “where students could be quiet for those people who are unheard.”

As students headed to the nearby streets, many of them carried posters illustrating various messages.

“We decided we would march in silence for the unheard children and women and the oppressed in Canada.”