Students become teachers at “˜Digital Saturday”™ at JD Hogarth School on March 25

Back by popular demand, the Upper Grand District School Board will be hosting Digital Saturday in Fergus this month.

On March 25 from 9 to 11:30am, parents and guardians are invited to the board’s technology open house at JD Hogarth Public School.

Over the last few years, there has been exponential growth in the use of technological tools and resources in Upper Grand schools.

The board created Digital Saturdays as a way for parents to learn more about the technology their children are using daily.

Parents can meet with Special Education staff to learn more about how the board supports all students.

They will also discover the rich online digital resource available to children from home and at school.

Digital Saturday is an opportunity to explore and learn about:

– new technologies in the classroom like Chromebooks and UGCloud;

– assistive technologies to support all learners including Kurzweil and Read andWrite for Google;

– robotics, coding and virtual reality in the classroom demonstrations; and

– online digital resources for assisting student learning such as UGCloud and Homework Help.

The format of the event has evolved over the years, starting as formal presentations where experts showed parents and guardians how the technology works.

Now, Digital  Saturday is an open house with students as the experts, giving presentations and demonstrations.

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