Stewardship council meets April 14

The annual general meeting of the Wellington County Steward­ship Council will be held at the community centre here at 7pm on April 14.


The theme this year is the True Value of Good Land Stewardship.

The agricultural lands of Wellington County do more than just feed cities. Well managed farmland is also vital to health and well-being; pro­viding clean air, clean water, and a variety of other envi­ronmental and social benefits.

With the forum, organizers hope to share some ideas on how to value the natural capital maintained by good land stew­ards, and perhaps assist in the movement towards creating a “made-in Ontario” process to ensure a fair price is paid to those who provide those envi­ron­mental goods and services.

The centre is at 7368 County Road 30.

For more information, contact Larry Halyk at  519-826-4936 or larry.halyk­@on­