Steady drizzle was ignored at area farmers market re-opening

People kept ar­riving – and shopping – despite a steady drizzle and a sky that promised no sunshine for all of June 12.


Dozens of people visited the numerous stalls at the Elora Farmers Market on Mill Street on opening day, including two city couples who talked eagerly about buying food from the people who grew it.

Many of them wore ponchos and other appropriate rain gear but the only ones who were leaving were those who had finished shopping.

A busy vendor at Danielle’s Baking, of Mapleton, said there were “good crowds,” and then turned away to provide service to the line-up. She added, “It’s all home made.”

Mervin Martin, who lives “just outside Elora” said “It’s been really busy. Lots and lots of friendly people.” He was selling fresh vege­tables and even summer sausage.

Another vendor was kept busy selling all kinds of fresh vegetables and specialty breads.

Amelia Taylor, who lives in Inverhaugh, said, despite the steady sprinkle, “It’s really good so far.”

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