Station Earth raises $19,500 for oncology unit at Groves

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Station Earth, located in Fergus, held its annual Hot Laps event on June 27 and raised $19,500  for the oncology department at Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH).

With over 100 attendees and 13 sponsors, officials say the event was their most successful fundraiser to date.

Organizers Rowan McLean and John Stumpf explained Hot Laps is an event where individuals bring out their sports cars for a day of experiencing what the cars are truly capable of.

Show us what you got — The Hot Laps event allows individuals to show off what their sports cars are capable of, and organizers said it was a fantastic day of test and tune. Submitted photo

“This is a fantastic day of ‘test and tune’ and running hot laps,” they said in a media release.

The Hot Laps event was established in 2013 and in 2020 Station Earth made the decision to turn the event into a fundraiser for the oncology department at GMCH.

Officials say this was particularly meaningful as few events and fundraisers were able to be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions. In four years “Hot Laps” has raised nearly $70,000 for cancer care in the community. 

Station Earth – Located in Fergus, Station Earth held its 4th annual Hot Laps event on June 27, raising nearly $20,000 for the oncology department at Groves Memorial Community Hospital. Submitted photo

“The Hot Laps event is unlike any other fundraiser we have ever seen at Groves. It is such a unique and fun idea,” said Groves Hospital Foundation executive director Lori Arsenault.

“In 2022, our oncology department saw 1,623 patient visits. These patients will greatly benefit from Station Earth’s generous support, at a time when they are most vulnerable and in need of care.”