Spring Miscellany, kids program set for community on March 26

This Saturday, the community hall here offers Spring Miscellany, an annual celebration of the arts, and brings performers of every age and many disciplines to the stage – along with a side order of beer or tea.

The performance begins at 8pm. This year, for the first time, Music at the Hall is also launching a Spring Miscellany for Kids (and their parents) from 4 to 5 pm for free.

This year’s artists include juggler Prometheus the Famous, singer-songwriter Nabi, Woodwings Ensemble, poet Matthew Dryden, writer and illustrator Janet Wilson, Eden Mills Youth Group, novelist Sandra Sabatini and more. Many of the artists will also perform for the young audience in the afternoon.

Manu Duhamel, Prometheus the Famous, is a juggler living in the Guelph area. He brings the magic of circus shaped to music complete with a unicycle and jumping stilts.

At 9pm, the community’s respect for Earth Hour will add to the evening. Eden Mills community hall will turn off the electric lights, run the microphones off a car battery, and use beeswax candles for lighting.

This concert is a fund-raiser for the Eden Mills Community Club and Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association.

The doors open at 7:30pm

The hall is at 108 York Street. There will be a cash bar with beer and wine

Tickets are $20, and Miscellany for Kids is free

Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at: The Bookshelf, Quebec Street, Guelph (519-821-3311) or from Kit Bresnahan, 519-856-1188 or mail kitbresnahan1@gmail.com.