Special Effects for Watercolour Painting

The second meeting of the Mimosa 4-H Water Colour Club was held recently. The members watched a short video on how to paint a sunset using only three colours: red, yellow and blue. The members all tried their hand at their own sunset and did a beautiful job.

After everyone was done, they were shown how to paint a meadow. As members were trying this, they learned that table salt can create a cool effect on wet water colour paint. It works by absorbing the water and leaving blotches of paper showing. They looked like mini flowers, which were perfect for the meadows.

Another effect that they were taught was called scraping. This is how it works: using the leftover salt on the page after the paint is dry, scrape it off to expose the mini flowers on the painting. Scraping can be done easily by using a little plastic knife or ruler.

This meeting was extremely fun; and the members can’t wait until the next meeting, where they get to work with watercolour pencils!

Submitted by Sarah Ceccato