Speaker will talk about addiction

Dr. Graeme Cunningham, Director of Addictions at Homewood, will offer a talk here on April 21 at 7:30pm at the Norfolk Street United Church.

That church is at the corner of Norfolk and Cork Streets.

Tickets are $10 per person at the door or by calling 519-822-6165.

Cunningham’s topic will be Addiction … Is it a Sickness of the Soul?

Addiction may be seen as a moral failing in some but is in fact a medical condition with a spiritual solution. The talk will explore the evidence for addiction being a disease and the essential components of the spiritual steps essential for recovery.

Dr. Cunningham has treated more than 30,000 addicts in the last 20 years and none have recovered without a complete change of beliefs and values. The development of humility and gratitude are essential components of their spiritual renewal. Learn how those changes can occur.

This event is another of Norfolk Street United Church’s 175th anniversary events.