SmartCentres to pay for new traffic lights and road work

There are traffic lights coming for St. David Street North at Strathallan Street in Fergus.

Council let the tender on Monday night. The successful bidder was Capital Paving Inc., of Guelph. It’s bid for the installation of the lights plus other improvements in the area was $486,100. It was the lowest of six bids, and the only one under $500,000.

Township treasurer Wes Snarr said in his report the final cost,with engineering, is $496,500, and that the price is lower than expected.

There has been a lot of activity in that part of Fergus, with St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church opening, and SmartCentres building a new Walmart in the area.

Snarr also noted there will be no effect on the township budget because SmartCentres is paying the entire cost of the work. Councillor Walt Visser noted the work is taking place close to where he lives, so he declared a conflict of interest.

The rest of council unanimously approved the tender award.