Sidewalk closed on downtown bridge

While the closing of one sidewalk on the Metcalfe Street bridge is causing minor inconvenience now … it might become even trickier for pedestrians this summer.

One of the bridge sidewalks is currently closed and might not reopen until later this year.

Centre Wellington’s director of infrastructure Colin Baker said that as of March 2, the sidewalk had  yet to reopen.

The bridge, officially known as the Badley Bridge, is a county structure. Baker said he understood the sidewalk closure was due to a hole that developed in the sidewalk and patching work will be done.

Wellington County’s construction manager of engineering services, roads division, Mark Eby, said sidewalks on both sides of the bridge are scheduled for replacement this spring or summer.

“We have been monitoring the bridge for the past couple of years, knowing that there has been increasing issues with the sidewalks. Unfortunately the concrete in the west sidewalk has deteriorated enough to cause a hole to form through the sidewalk.”

When the current deterioration was noticed by township staff, the message was passed along and the sidewalk closed by county staff immediately.

“Additional inspection was completed at the end of last week and it was noted that the concrete has deteriorated further from the last inspection in the fall. At this time we have been advised by our bridge consulting engineer, MMM Group Limited, to keep the sidewalk closed until the replacement can occur. We are hoping that can be in late spring to early summer.”

Eby added the county will put additional signs on Metcalfe Street to let the traveling public know there will be an increased amount of pedestrian traffic crossing the road at the parking lot across from the LCBO. Those signs will be going up later this week.

He added the township will be consulted to determine if additional measures are needed.