Sidewalk chalk salute to frontline workers a success

MOUNT FOREST – The organizer of a “Chalk It Up” campaign here says the event was well received by participants and the frontline workers they were recognizing.

“It was excellent. It couldn’t have been any better,” Stu Husk told the Advertiser two days after the April 18 event.

Husk had asked all residents of Mount Forest, regardless of age, to create sidewalk chalk messages on their own driveways to support frontline workers.

The response was great, with over 150 chalk creations documented by Husk and his wife Heather Aitken.

“They were great. Some of them were beautiful,” he said, noting some looked like they were completed by professional artists.

He added the drawings also received rave reviews from local paramedics, firefighters and police officers, who drove around the community to view the driveway drawings, in addition to many window displays.

“There’s nothing but compliments coming in,” he said, adding he was still being thanked by residents two days later.

The response was so overwhelming Husk decided to award 50 pizzas (he originally planned for 20) randomly to every third house that participated.

“We had people offer to give us money but we didn’t want it,” said Husk, who purchased the pizza coupons himself. “To see the smiles on everyone’s faces was worth it.”