Serenaded twice

With any luck a third serenade will confirm that spring is finally here.

The old farm crowd used to joke about singing frogs and three such serenades meant for sure that winter was over.

The taste of sun this past week has been a welcome relief. Within a few short days of better weather, a cold that has hung on for weeks is dissipating. Spring has a way of making people feel good.

As with past years, the panic to get outdoors and get things done has hit. It often means a rut or two in the lawn as tree limbs are gathered and other yard work around the farm takes place. The soil is so damp it doesn’t take much to make a dimple.

The notion of rolling the lawn to take out the bumpy spots will depend entirely on the right day off, since spring winds make short work of the damp conditions needed to do a proper job.

Most flower beds with a bit of heat have helped bulbs and spring flowers erupt. Generally a sheltered spot or south-facing bed gets a quicker start.

It seems not to matter how many years pass, our amusement and appreciation grows at such subtle things. Nature has many wonders.

Like most readers, full-time work makes it hard to get all our chores done on the weekend. Each night another task or two are undertaken to make the workload a little less hectic. It is funny how that little bit of exercise and fresh air has a way of making a body feel a little better and a little stronger.

Over the coming weeks, as residents shed their winter slumber, we expect to see a beehive of activity at local gardening centres and home improvement stores. This boost in sales will no doubt have store owners feeling a little better too, after what can be described as a pretty gloomy start to 2013.

The rush will also be on for spring maintenance for lawn tractors and yard equipment. Friends in the business are already seeing customers getting the bug, so the best advice here is to get your items for service into the shop soon.

Although the forecast calls for some rain and cooler temperatures, we’re keeping an ear open to hear the frogs sing one more time.