Senior B lacrosse will return to area this year

FERGUS – Senior B La­crosse is back in the area.

The Wellington-Dufferins senior B lacrosse club will hold its first training camp on April 8 at Centre Wellington sportplex pad B from 9 to 11pm.

The remaining workouts for all eligible players and goalies will be held on the following dates:

– April 11,  7 to 9pm Fergus, pad B

– April 15 9 to 11pm Fergus, pad A;

– April 18, 7 to 9pm, in Fergus, pad A; and

– April 22, 9 to 11pm, Fergus, pad A

Early arrival is a must to register and sign necessary forms to get on the floor. 

Contact head coach  Trevor Reid at 519 217-1281 or Mena Ogburn-Briscoe  at briscoe.8­

The team will play in the Ontario Lacrosse Association against five other clubs.

The teams are divided into two divisions, east and west. In the east are Brooklin, Norwood, and Ajax-Pickering. In the west are Wellington-Dufferins, Owen Sound, and Oshweken.

The Wellington-Dufferins will open the season with three road games, the first on April 25 against Ajax-Pickering.

The home opener is in Fergus on May 15 against Owen Sound.

Sponsors are needed and volunteers are greatly appre­ciated.

Contact Kathy French at or Nancy McNutt at nmcnutt­