Seminar series to focus on consumer trends, farmer choices

In a world of growing de­mand for food products, some countries are ramping up pro­duction for increasingly so­phis­­ticated markets.


There are now markets for those choosing low-priced foods, markets for those the affluent, and markets for those who have ethical concerns about the food they purchase. Are the days of “I just want to grow corn and not be bothered by all this stuff” gone forever?

With a move towards in­creas­ingly specialized markets, the Christian Farmers Federa­tion of Ontario thinks that might indeed be the case. In fact, we are considering craft­ing a strategy that helps On­tario farmers capture more val­ue from the marketplace. Ac­cordingly, it is the theme of this year’s annual CFFO seminar series, Consumer Trends, Farm­er Choices, held in loca­tions across the province.

Rob Hannam, of Synthesis Agri-Food Consulting, will pro­vide attendees with a wide-ranging overview of consumer trends, plus global and local markets. Hannam’s career be­gan with First Line Seeds, where he played an integral role in moving First Line to a top market share position in Canada. Stevens, a recent graduate of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program, will chal­lenge attendees to consider if strict commodity production should still be the cornerstone for creating success in Ontario. 

The CFFO seminar series is open to everyone. Log on to the for details on how to register and where individual seminars are being held.

John Clement is the Gen­eral Manager of the Christian Farm­ers Federation of On­ta­rio.