Second thoughts on bridge removal

Stroy’s bridge might not be doomed after all.

Last week, Puslinch councillor’s said they are not sure demolition is the best option for the bridge, which spans the Speed River on a closed portion of Sideroad 10, about one kilometre north of Laird Road West.

“I’m really thinking we should have a second look at that bridge … as a walking bridge,” said councillor Dick Visser. “I’m having second thoughts about ripping [it] out. It’s a great place to hike.”

Visser said it is located in a beautiful area and upon a recent second look, he thinks the bridge abutments may not be in that bad shape after all.

Councillor Don McKay agreed. “It would be a shame to not have some way of walking across there.”

Councillor Matthew Bul­mer agreed, but said the township should follow its process.

He hopes Gamsby and Mannerow, the firm in charge of the ongoing environmental assessment, will identify the option of replacing the current walking bridge. If not, the township should suggest it, he said.

Councillor Sus­an Fielding said what first looks good  does not address connections many have to the bridge.

Mayor Brad Whitcombe said all the feedback the township has received is proof the public process is working.

He added that council has not made any final decisions about the bridge, which could be fixed or replaced.