Second annual haunting will collect for the food bank – and some fun

As the sun goes down on Oct. 31, Trick-or-Treaters will be out collecting.

But Fergus resident  Drew Croll is hoping that besides collecting treats, many youngsters will be dropping off food at his place Flannery Drive, just off McTavish Street in the southeastern part of town.

Last year Croll’s neighbours were talking about Halloween said few kids were dropping by on that street.

“I was new to the area and thought how could this be? This is a subdivision and kids are normally driven to neighbourhoods like this.

Croll decided to do something to attract them. The neighbours thought it was a good idea.

It went from three houses doing a haunted theme on front yards to one house – Croll’s. He turned the front yard into a graveyard, emptied his garage and turned it into a haunted house.

His two children and some friends made up four posters and put them around thee block.  Over 300 kids showed up on a freezing cold night. 

“Everyone we spoke to thought it was great, and how much fun the kids had,” he said,

“We are putting on our haunted house again this year and it will be bigger and better than last years,” Croll said. 

The graveyard has grown there might be a werewolf or two prowling in the fog, as people make their way to the vampires’ lair.

Croll promises ghouls and creepers, and, of course, treats for all.

Croll has decided that since the display is so popular, he would like to use it to do some good in the community.

So, he is asking visitor to bring a donation for the  Centre Wellington Food bank.

There will be volunteers from the food bank at the haunting to accept all donations.

He asked that people consider his food bank request as if they were handing out treats to the kids coming to the door. But, instead of candy, a non perishable, a tooth brush, soap, shampoo, or anything that the food bank can use would be much appreciated.

“Christmas is coming up so fast and the amount of food baskets that are needed that time of year is unbelievable,” Croll said. “If you have gift cards for Zehrs, they will accept those, too. They can be used only for groceries.

Croll asked that no candy be included in donations.

The haunting will run from 5:30 to 9pm at 405 Flannery Drive.