Schizophrenia Society’s Walk of Hope raised $10,000

On May 25, the 10th anniversary of the Guelph Chapter of the Schizophrenia So­ciety’s Walk of Hope, was held at the Evergreen com­munity centre, followed by a 45 minute walk through a sunny and busy community and Riv­erside Park.

The walk raised $10,000, with an attendance of 150.    

 The first walk in 1998 took place outdoors at Stone Road Mall in Guelph as it kicked off an SSO province wide walk which spread to 13 commu­ni­ties in Ontario, and which continues to grow.

That 1998 walk used a theme with the Wizard of Hope, the Lion for courage, the Tin-Man for heart and the Scarecrow for knowledge, plus Dorothy for will and many mun­chkins.

The organizers used the theme for a message of hope for people with mental illness, their aim to reduce stigma and increase awareness, along with raising funds for research and programs.

Guest speaker prior to this year’s walk was John Lord,  author, edu­cator and innovator. For dec­ades his mission has been to use research and edu­cation to create positive change in human services and commu­nities, so that vulnerable citi­zens can achieve full partici­pation and equality.

He spoke of the Hope for people with many disabilities in­cluding mental illness.

Dr. Wilson Lit, Chief of Staff and Clinical Officer at the Homewood Health Centre also encouraged attendees with News of the positive advance­ments he sees happening in mental health.   

The monthly meetings of the Guelph SSO take place on the third Tuesday of each month at the Evergreen Centre on Woolwich Street, commen­cing Sept. 16.