Santa coming to Elora to visit children, raise funds for church steeple

ELORA – Santa Claus will soon be visiting Elora with the dual purpose of trying to buoy Christmas spirit and raise money to preserve a local church.

On Dec. 12 and 19, from 1 to 4pm, Saint Nick will be on hand to greet children – from a distance, of course – at 45 Colborne Street, near Melville Street, in Elora.

He will be joined by several reindeer and also a quartet from The Edison Singers Choir.

Organizer Stephen Truchan said families are invited to come by and greet Santa, take photos, enjoy the musical entertainment and make a donation to Knox-Elora Presbyterian Church.

Funds raised will go towards refurbishing the church’s steeple.

“I like the church and I like the people … and we need to preserve this church,” Truchan told the Advertiser.

He noted the iconic church, built in 1873, is a heritage building and local landmark, with a steeple that can be seen from all entrances to the town.