Salute to a mother

It is very seldom that police reports bring good News, because all too often they deal with theft, mayhem, drinking, and speeding drivers, and fatal crashes.

That’s why an incident on Dec. 13 made a lasting impression on us. An unnamed Hillsburgh woman was wakened by noise and discovered her 17-year-old son and others in her home. She went to her son’s room to speak with him, and discovered an Ipod that the boy admitted he had stolen. She called the police.

We wish that more parents forced their children to face consequences of their crimes and misdemeanors instead of covering for them or making excuses. We’re betting that son has learned a tough lesson, and he has learned it early enough in life that he can still turn things around. It is parents who teach right from wrong.

We salute that mother who understands that morality is not legislated, but begins in the home.