Roundabout construction to begin May 24

Construction of a roundabout at the corner of Wellington Roads 109 and 5, just south of Harriston, is set to commence on May 24.

 While the start date is earlier than originally planned, Wellington County construction manager Mark Eby says completion is still scheduled for August.

“The extra two weeks that we are gaining in start time will ensure there are some extra days in the event the weather does not cooperate with us,” Eby stated in an email.

In terms of traffic disruptions and changes, the 8th Line from Wellington Road 109 to the Blind Line in Minto will be closed to traffic (access to local residences will be maintained).

The speed limit on Wellington Road 109 from Harriston to 1.5km south of the roundabout, and on Wellington Road 5 from the roundabout to just south of the 7th Line, will be lowered to 60 km/h to control the speed of traffic and provide a safe work area for contractor workers, Eby explained.

One lane will be maintained during the day and two lanes at night.

The contractor may also install a four-way stop at the intersection until the roundabout is functioning to assist with traffic control.

Eby said only one day of full closure will be necessary  to pave the surface asphalt and paint the lines in the roundabout.

“This will likely be late July or early August and will only be allowed to occur between Tuesday and Thursday to disrupt traffic as little as possible,” he explained.