Rotarians host annual duck race

The Clifford Rotary annual duck race was held on Saturday, May 2 at the Rotary Park.

At noon, Bruce Kaufman and Jessie McGovern settled into the canoe and Randy Ruetz and Nick Oleksandriw tossed the tubs of 322 ducks into the stream.

After checking the board to see if their ticket won, the crowd headed back to the barbecue. Duck #210 took first place to win $200 for Shelly Sanderson. The last, most considerate duck belonged to Dianne Epworth. A random winner duck #122 won for ticket holder Donna Henley.

Rotarians honored

All Clifford Rotarians helped to make this duck race such a fun event. As with all their undertakings and fundraising events, community betterment is their objective. Due to this unwavering commitment to the community, they were rewarded at the 2015 Minto Chamber of Commerce 6th Annual Community Achievement Awards held Wednesday, April 29 at the Pike Lake Golf Centre. John and Patty Mock presented president Kelly Smith with the Harriston Home Hardware Outstanding Organization Award. This category is awarded to a not-for-profit organization operating in or servicing Minto that has distinguished itself in providing outstanding service.

Rotarians Dave Seidle, Bruce Kaufman, and Larry Grummett shared in the celebration.

The Rotarians are gearing up to prepare the pavilion park for the summer and the Great Lakes Truck Show in July. They meet on Tuesday evenings at Greenley’s Restaurant until the weather turns warmer and they are able to barbecue at the pavilion. They are always recruiting new members.  Contact the Clifford Rotary at or on Facebook at Clifford Rotary to get involved.