Rockwood banners to receive facelift

Rockwood is receiving a banner facelift in honour of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation.

At the April 4 council meeting, director of parks and recreation Robin Milne told council the current Ontario and Canada banners along the commercial corridor in Rockwood are at the end of their lifecycle.

“All 40 will be taken down,” he said.

“The Canadian ones will be replaced with Canadian ones, the Ontario ones will be replaced with Canada 150 ones.

“So all the banners will be replaced because right now they’re all faded, the red is faded to a pink colour.”

The new banners will feature the national Canada 150 logo, designed by a University of Waterloo student, and the Canadian flag.

While the updated Rockwood banners were included in the 2016 parks and recreation operating budget, Milne said he might apply to the Canada 150 grant to put banners at the Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Centre (RDAPC) in Marden.

“The grant is 100 per cent funding so if we can get grant money to produce that for that side of the township then … I would submit for banner brackets for banners and do the Marden Community Centre and the laneway up RDAPC,” Milne said.

Mayor Chris White concluded saying, “Well they need replacing and as you said this seems like a worthwhile project and if we get some grant money out for the Marden side of it, Bob’s your uncle.”