Road trip with Mesa

Many  dream of the perfect road-trip … where the joy is not about the destination, it is all about the journey to get there … and the fun along the way.

Theatre Orangeville’s final show of the season begins re­hearsals this week, taking audi­ences on a road trip as they journey down to Arizona in the engaging inter-generational com­edy, Mesa, directed by David Nairn.

Actors Thomas Hauff (one of the stars of the Aca­demy-award nominated film, Away From Her) and Andy Pogson (Theatre Orangeville’s Test Drive) as they bring to life these rowdy road-worthy char­acters. The best road trips are those in which people do not plan their stops – they simply stop when they feel like it, eat when they’re hungry, and then sleep when they’re tired. However, Bud and Paul have very different ideas of what makes a good road trip.

Bud wants to stop at the same Denny’s and Motel 6’s that he has been going to for over 40 years. Paul dreams of a road-trip of new adventure every day.

Mesa runs from April 10 to 27 at Theatre Orangeville. For tickets call 519-942-3423 or