Rezoning approved to meet severance; but rules forbid new home on land

In Well­ington North Township a farm severance does not mean a new home can be built.

Council here recently ap­proved a rezoning for a lot to be severed from a property owned by Elizabeth White at  Lot 8, Division 2 East of the Owen Sound Road.

The 91 acre property has frontage on Highway 6 and Sideroad 3 East.

The amendment approved by council rezones the property to restrict residential development of the severed parcel. The rezoning was required by the county land division committee for the severance to be finalized.

Planner Mark Van Patter said the land is considered prime agricultural, which al­lows severances on the provision that new residential dwel­lings are prohibited on the remnant parcel of farmland.

He noted part of that land is considered natural environment, including portions along the drainage corridor and the low lying area at the back of the farm.

Van Patter said, the application is fairly standard as they have been encountered over the past year or two.

Such cases involve farmers selling off surplus farmland, and there are provincial policies that allow for that.

He noted the property is fairly large at 91 acres.

Council approved the rezoning later during the council session.